Redacting a text is performing an extensive check on a text. I pay attention not only to spelling and grammar errors, but also to writing style, structure and language use. This will take up more time than just correcting a text. The text will stay yours with your ideas, but I will rewrite it to form a coherent and structurally sound document.


Why would you have your text redacted?

You can become blind to your own mistakes. A paragraph of text may make perfect sense to you but can be total nonsense to an objective reader who does not know as much about the subject as you do. When you hastily write a document for a customer, your message could get lost in translation. Or, when writing your thesis, you can lose track of your main question when boiling down years of specific knowledge into a set number of words.


How should I provide my texts, and how will you be handling them?

I prefer to receive your text in a Word document. In Word, I am able to track any changes made to your text. I will provide you with two documents once I am finished: one document with my suggested changes in the sidebar, and one document with these changes already implemented. This way you can actively see what I have done with your work, and you can refer back to my notes when writing any text in the future.


Should you not have any desire for a document with these suggested changes in the sidebar, I can also provide you with just the ‘clean’ and edited document.