Correction of a text is checking the text solely on spelling, grammar and punctuation. When correcting your text, I will not look at the content of the text or how the sentences flow. I will not look at what the text is trying to say, and if this message is being conveyed effectively. The text will stay entirely yours, in your own words. I will, however, take the layout into consideration when correcting your text: do the paragraphs make sense?


Why would you have your text corrected?

 It can be a challenge to find your own mistakes, especially when writing longer documents like a 10.000-word thesis. You can become blind to your own errors. It can be helpful to have a pair of ‘impartial’ eyes scan your work for you when you can no longer detect any errors. When writing a paper for school, for example, you can easily score some extra points this way.


How should I provide my texts, and how will you be handling them?

 I prefer to receive your text in a Word document. In Word, I am able to track any changes made to your text. I will provide you with two documents once I am finished: one document with my suggested changes in the sidebar, and one document with these changes already implemented. This way you can actively see what I have done with your work, and you can refer back to my notes when writing any text in the future.


Should you not have any desire for a document with these suggested changes in the sidebar, I can also provide you with just the ‘clean’ and edited document.